Calypso Tampa Launches First-Ever Michael Phelps Swimming Program in Tampa, Florida

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Do you want your child to learn to swim, or to become a better swimmer? Or do you want to learn to swim better yourself? Everybody wants to feel competent and safe in the water, and you especially want your kids to feel that way. Imagine doing that by learning some of Michael Phelps’ personal TECHNIQUES that made him into the world’s greatest swimmer!

If any of this describes you, we have some great news for Calypso swimmers.

In December 2016, Calypso received the honor of being selected as the first-ever official Michael Phelps Swim School program in the State of Florida. It’s a great privilege to be the first to bring Michael Phelps’ personal swimming instruction methods to Tampa.

“Offering Michael Phelps Swimming at Calypso Tampa is a major benefit for everyone,” said Marge Krawczyk, who owns Calypso Tampa along with her husband Ed. “We are excited to see the proven teaching methods of Michael Phelps and his personal coaches improve our current swimming program, and enrich our customers’ swimming skills and abilities.”

Michael Phelps Swimming (MPS) is a proprietary teaching method developed by the Michael Phelps Swim School. It offers industry-leading swim instruction to non-swimmers, new swimmers, and experienced swimmers of all ages and abilities. It helps every participant becomes comfortable, confident, and safe in and around the water.

The Michael Phelps Swimming method was developed by Michael Phelps himself over three decades of practical experience, along with his coach Bob Bowman and his first swim instructor Cathy Bennett.

Michael Phelps Swimming at Calypso Tampa offers programs such as:

  • Water safety and learn-to-swim for beginners
  • Adult and group swimming instruction
  • Water sports and games
  • Water rescue skills
  • Customized programs for special needs individuals and groups
  • And much more!

Classes are available in group lessons, private instruction, camps, clinics, and other tailored programs. You can learn more about the Michael Phelps Swimming program at

Better yet, call us any time – or come visit our onsite indoor pool at Calypso Tampa and we’ll show you what we mean in person!

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