The Top 6 Benefits of the Michael Phelps Swimming Program

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If someone asked us to say in one sentence what is the main benefit of Michael Phelps Swimming classes at Calypso Tampa, we’d say this:

It develops the whole person, mentally and physically.

It sounds simple when you say it. But it actually involves techniques and principles that took Michael Phelps and his inner circle of coaches and teammates years to develop.

How do we do this at the Michael Phelps Swimming School in Tampa? By not just basing our instruction around the gross motor skills involved in swimming…such as kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing…but also by developing mental awareness of the way the body feels and behaves in water.

One of the many ways we do this is by helping swimmers understand the properties of water, which in turn helps the swimmer with readiness to swim. Another important part of mental awareness is emphasizing safety for swimmers of all ages, both in and around the water.

In a way, it’s like what Bruce Lee said about martial arts: the mind is one of the most important weapons for success. And as Michael Phelps would be the first to tell you, the mind is a key part of successful swimming too!

By participating in the Michael Phelps Swimming (MPS) Training Program, you become part of a greater community. You become part of a worldwide family that emphasizes swimming as a lifelong activity to support the health and well-being of its family members. In the process, you will learn and use the world’s finest methods for the skill of swimming, methods personally developed and used by the world’s greatest swimmer.

Some people ask where Michael Phelps Swimming in Tampa began. Michael Phelps Swimming (MPS) is the new name for a long-standing program in which Michael, along with his sisters Hilary and Whitney, learned their basic strokes and respect for the water. The roots of MPS are at the renowned North Baltimore Swim School, where Michael and his sisters first trained as children. The methods and techniques that MPS uses include some of the best academic philosophies of child psychology and early childhood education and development.

As a Michael Phelps Swimming student in Tampa, you will have six clear objectives to guide your personal path toward excellence.

They are:

  1. To swim for enjoyment.
  2. To swim throughout life.
  3. To swim independently.
  4. To swim safely.
  5. To swim correctly.
  6. To learn and progress as a swimmer.

These six objectives represent six key benefits of the program. Together they contribute to the development of the whole person, mentally and physically.

So test yourself…practice…have fun…and be safe.

Here’s to your swimming success……and come visit us at Calypso Tampa!

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