6 Levels of Michael Phelps Swimming Classes in Tampa

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At Calypso Tampa, swimming lessons for children in the Michael Phelps Swimming School (MPSS) Program are based on each child’s developmental stages. Believe it or not, the youngest MPSS students can be just 6 months old! But what’s also interesting is that the MPSS educational principles are so rock-solid and well-grounded in human development, they succeed with adult swimming classes just as well.

MPSS at Calypso Tampa sequential learning is based on six clearly-identified child development stages, which in swim training we call levels.

A child first entering the MPSS swimming program at Calypso Tampa is personally assessed by our trained staff at their first class, to ensure he or she is assigned to an appropriate level. Then the sequential MPSS program and the fun begins!

Depending on the age of the child, we often start at the very beginning…with the child-parent “Baby and Me” class…and then we continue along a variety of paths tailored to the individual swimmer’s needs. For some swimmers, private lessons may be available. It’s all customized for the individual child by our highly-trained coaches.

The six sequential levels for Michael Phelps Swimming classes for children at Calypso Tampa are:

  1. “Baby and Me” (6 months–3 years). This class is for child-parent teams. Crying allowed!
  1. Beginner This is the first class without parental involvement. Children must

be at least 3 years old. Starts with simple glide and ends with rotary breathing. Confidence building, bubbles, fun, underwater swimming, and safety!

  1. Intermediate. This class improves rotary breathing and introduces freestyle and backstroke. Growing independence!
  1. Advanced. This class is for improving freestyle and backstroke, introduction to new strokes, lap swimming, and even flip turns. Wow!
  1. Swim Club. Based on the coaches’ invitation, your swimmer can then join one of our three Swim Club levels, for smoother strokes and turns and endurance building. Feeling so grown-up!
  1. Swim Team. The top level, and again by invitation of the Head Coach. It’s not for everyone, but is a super opportunity for those who want to excel at the sport of swimming. It’s for swimmers who want to make a personal commitment to competitive swimming. The goal of many Swim Team members is to compete at the college level or higher. At the top!

When you come to Calypso Tampa, we guarantee you’ll start at the appropriate level. Then we’ll develop your skills – whether youth or adult – and help you become the best swimmer you can be.

Safety first. We always remember that no matter what level of swimming classes, safety always comes first. Our professional instructors are responsible for conducting classes that are safe for every student, other swimmers, and themselves

Continued personal growth and learning is the key to a fun and successful life. Improve yourself or your child’s skills with swimming lessons at Calypso Tampa…have fun…and be safe.

Here’s to your swimming success……and come visit us at Calypso Tampa!

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