I am an experienced diver looking for a new challenge. What options do I have?

As an experienced scuba diver you’ve already experienced the thrill of exploring parts of the underwater world, but know there’s much more to discover. We offer many options for a different kind of dive experience for adventurous divers like you who are looking for a new challenge!

What courses do you recommend?

With so many options to choose from (there are 20 we teach), it is hard to recommend just one! Here are a few to get you started:

Enriched Air Diver
– Spring Diver
– Deep Diver
– Self-Reliant Diver

These are just a few options. Stop by, call, or contact us to discuss what is right for YOU!

Who can take these specialty courses?

Each course has their own prerequisites and minimum age requirements. Stop by, call, or contact us to find out more about the specific course you are interested in.

When can I get started?

Other than Enriched Air Diver, these courses are offered on an as needed basis. Stop by, call, or contact us to take the next step in your diving adventures!