We Love Our Customers

. . . "because they challenge my creativity to recommend the best solutions for their diving, swimming, and lifeguarding goals." - ilsia

. . . "because they remind me of the power of SCUBA diving to connect people and bring adventure and joy into a person’s life." - suzanna

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Meet Our Staff

larry thompson


I retired from the United States Army after 22+ years of service and returned to Florida where I began diving with friends in high school. I believe that scuba diving is much more than a hobby; it is more accurately … Read More

laura thompson


I took a long time to experience scuba diving, 30+ years to be exact. I finally took the plunge at the Florida Aquarium when they were looking for guests to try out their new Test Dive Scuba program. An hour … Read More

bud ledford

service technician and scuba instructor

While working for Verizon I was transferred to Florida. One item on my bucket list was to learn to scuba dive. 20 years later this is where I am, retired from Verizon and working and teaching at Calypso. During the … Read More

john szczepanski

service technician

My first encounter with diving was actually snorkeling, inside the reef around Guam while I was stationed there in the early 1970s. 20 years later, while living in Maryland, I received a coupon for a free ‘Discover Scuba’ class. I … Read More

david oliver

service manager

Always being the adventurous type I spanned a 20 year career in the military taking me all over the world and getting to do some amazing things. The one thing that I never got to do was SCUBA diving. After … Read More

ilsia szczepanski

scuba instructor

In 2001, the local dive shop in Maryland mailed cards inviting people to come “Discover Scuba Diving” and my husband fell in love with breathing underwater. I was talked into taking the open water class with him and since then … Read More

rob brand

service technician and scuba instructor

In 2005 I was living in the Tampa area and a friend said, as a joke that i need to get my scuba certification because it was required for my driver’s license! Of course, not true, but still went and … Read More

ed zellem

scuba instructor

I got my first PADI certification in a cold, dark quarry near Pittsburgh in 1986. Since then I became a U.S. Navy captain and the award-winning author of three books. I’ve had adventures and dives all over the world. Fast … Read More