ed zellem

scuba instructor

I got my first PADI certification in a cold, dark quarry near Pittsburgh in 1986. Since then I became a U.S. Navy captain and the award-winning author of three books. I’ve had adventures and dives all over the world.

Fast forward a few decades in the Navy, and I got orders to Central Command in Tampa. It was my first time being stationed in Florida, and it didn’t take me long to hear about Calypso after I arrived. People on base said it was the “go-to” scuba diving facility in the whole region. I visited and saw right away that Ed, Marge and their hand-picked team have hit that rare “sweet spot” where fun and professionalism meet. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Calypso is a happy place that provides diving education, opportunities, customer service and gear of the highest quality. The training at Calypso is as good as or better than some of the best I saw in over 30 years of active duty military service. Also, for our active duty brothers and sisters in the military and public safety sectors, Calypso has a standing discount as thanks for their service to the nation and the community. I really appreciated that.

I was proud to earn my Instructor stripes with Calypso in 2017, my Divemaster rating there in 2016, and my Master Scuba Diver rating in 2012.

You’ll be proud of yourself diving with Calypso too, no matter what level you aspire to. Why? Because at Calypso Tampa you will LEARN it, EARN it and HAVE FUN with it!