jason tanner

scuba instructor

Are you an adventure seeker? Me too!! My first experience diving was on vacation in 2007 with my wife in Mexico. Our resort offered a discover scuba course and we were hooked. After several more trips discovering scuba, my wife suggested we go get certified. Once certified, I couldn’t stop and continued to advance my training. At the time we were living in North Carolina and went to a local quarry every weekend to get our dive fix. Since moving to Tampa, I found Calypso and the great team here. With the guidance and instruction from Al Sherman and Thomas Koch, I was able to advance further as a dive master and now Instructor. For the past 10 years our vacations have been planned specific to diving. We have been able to travel and see amazing sea life in Hawaii, the Caribbean and Palau to name a few. Our next trip is to the Galapagos in 2017. When I am not traveling I am enjoying teaching at Calypso. Hope to see you there