marge krawczyk


I remember it well, “what am I doing in Destin, FL in the middle of March” – cold water, no sun, long days, mask fogging; this is fun….???

This scenario was taking me out of my warm, fuzzy home for the last 30+ years – a hospital. Becoming a Registered Nurse after high school graduation – my comfort level was the Intensive Care Unit. Then my husband says; ‘let’s buy Anthony’s Scuba from Barbara and Tony’.

Time marches on…I became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and totally enjoyed watching my students get over their fear of being “eaten” by Jaws and realizing “I can breathe underwater”. I enjoyed their happily sharing of stories of trips to the warm waters of the Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, etc. , etc. and hearing about all the sea life they saw and how peaceful it is underwater!

Managing calypso with my “life-long partner in crime”, my husband Ed, doesn’t allow us much time for diving as we would like other than the occasional trip with our customers, always having a great time! (We do need to be home by 7pm so we can watch the Lightning play)!

Looking back now, yes, I guess Destin was FUN!